Hello Fellow Triad Bloggers

Welcome to “Greensboro NC Christian” version II. I have finally decided that Microsoft is on a tailspin and can’t decide what it is doing, and I have given up on my Spaces site. In addition, now that the summer is over and I’m back in a blogging frame of mind (Oh stop thou collective groan), I’ve decided that I wanted to undo a change I made a while back. So, I have set up, here on Word Press, a new site called by my old original blog name, Greensboro NC Christian. On this site I plan to publish most of my explicitly Christian writings – devotions, sermons, diary accounts, letters to disciples, defences of the faith, etc. It is not that is meant  for Christian readers only by any means. But as a courtesy perhaps I want the local readers to know what he or she is getting on this site. I hope that you would wish me well, as I would wish well a Jewish or Islamic neighbor doing the same sort of thing.

My primary Blogger site, http://joelgillespie.blogspot.com/, is where I will jump in as a citizen into the fray of local issues, try to celebrate local life, write my nature boy stuff, etc. It will have a more local cast. So that is the plan.

I plan to start writing regular stuff here on Greensboro NC Christian tomorrow.



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