It Matters

When I announced the new blog yesterday I said “I hope that you would wish me well, as I would wish well a Jewish or Islamic neighbor doing the same sort of thing.”


Someone asked me how could it be that I would wish an Islamic or Jewish neighbor well doing the same sort of thing.


Well, it’s not because I think all roads lead to the top of the hill. Nor is it because I believe that religion is a creation of man and we’re all doing the best we can grasping for meaning, and thus I wish all well in their religious quests.


Let me put it this way. There is only one reason that I think anyone should be a Christian. Just one. Not because it works for you. Not because your parents are Christians. Not because a church gives you kids good moral values. Not because your friends go to church and you’re lonely. Not because there are good looking guys or girls in the singles group. Not because it sounds like a good lifestyle choice. Not because you’re into being spiritual. Not because you’re a mess and just need something to cling to. The one reason to be a Christian is this: Christianity is true. It is the bedrock truth of the universe. If it isn’t true run away from it. As fast as you can. If it is true run to it. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the Life.” If he isn’t, don’t follow him. For the same reason I want to see people advocating and teaching and expressing Islamic and Jewish and Buddhist and Hindu and Zoroastrian and Mormon religions to do well, that is, to convey clearly and passionately their beliefs and to defend them and argue for them.  I want them to do well, as I want myself to do well, because I believe that the concept of truth does not stop at the door of religion. We have, philosophically and culturally, abandoned the notion that truth, religious truth in particular, can be known, that it can be knowable.  So in this sense I think most religions, except for that most lukewarm and puke green religion of them all, the one that dominates American liberal culture, that is, that any truth is as good as any other, and that the only religion worth hating is the one that claims truth or comes off as exclusive in any way, are the butt of condescension and arrogant and ignorant prejudice in our current cultural climate.  Whether there is a God, or not, matters. Whether this God is personal or he/she/it is a more like background infinite consciousness matters. Whether God is good matters. Whether God is all powerful matters. Whether there is ultimate meaning to life matters. What happens or does not happen to us in the end matters. Whether this man Jesus had a unique relationship with this God if he exists matters. Whether Jesus died “for our sins” matters. Whether Jesus was raised from the dead, which is a matter of contention between Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc., matters.  So I am all for Jews and Muslims and Hindus putting their cards on the table and letting the world know what they are about. Same as Christians. That way people can read, and think, and perhaps even seek, and maybe in seeking, they may find. So, that’s what I meant. .


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