New Blogs

Please check out my new blogs which will more or less taking things from here. This blog will take a different direction – I’m not sure what!

These will all be aggregated so to speak on


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  1. On another website, I found a quotation (that I believe you wrote) that I would like to include in a book I am writing. It working title is, ON THE JOB IN BABYLON: Daniel as Your Workplace Mentor.

    The chapter in which I’d like to quote you has to do with tending God’s earth–the creation mandate, which Daniel did as part of his governmental work.

    May I have permission to quote the following? And if so, what should the credit line say?

    “Many Christians struggle with seeing the significance of the work they are called to do. They see their work as a place for witnessing, for character building, for making money to support missionaries and church programs. But they often do not see the significance of the work itself. This is tragic. Anything about your job or your work which contributes to the good of other creatures, which helps care for and sustain them and make their life better, is a participation with God in His ministry of sustaining, preserving, and caring for His world.”

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